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Class 1 - February 24th, 2024



Pemberton Wildlife Association

Sea-to-sky Hwy, Pemberton, BC

(Google Map search: Whistler Shooting Adventures)



0830 - 1630


This training will take place entirely in the outdoor, therefore, you will need to dress for the weather.


There will be no food service nearby, therefore, you need to bring your lunch/water/snacks.


$530  (GST included)


Please send all inquiry and registration to  Your payment will confirm your spot. We also accept etransfer if you prefer. We pride on having small class sizes, therefore, we will have a waiting list established if the class is full, and you’ll be our first contact when additional training is schedule. 


Please bring the following:

  • Any centre fire semi-automatic carbine capable of roughly 2 MOA with match ammunition

  • Optics in the 1-6X range and higher is preferred (1-8, 1-10, 2-10, 3-9 etc). Red Dot sight (RDS) with magnifier is acceptable. However, please be aware that RDS is less desirable due to the limitation of magnification, and the design of the reticle that is not intended for longer range engagement

  • 100 rounds of factory load, match grade ammunitions (bring more if you have them), & 100 rounds of practice, ball ammunitions such as 55gr ball ammo in 5.56 caliber

  • Bipod (there will be bipods available for use if needed)

  • Shooting mat (optional)

  • Spotting scope (optional)

  • Range finder (optional)

  • Ballistic computer/Kestrel etc (optional)

  • Shooting bags (optional, but a rear bag is highly recommended and there will be some available for use)

  • Pen & paper for note taking

  • Eyes & ears protection

  • Food, water & snacks (highly recommended)

  • Weather appropriated clothings

  • Folding chair (optional)



DRMTactical has partnered with Dave Gheriani, a proven PRS competitor and instructor, to be our primary instructor. Dave has competing in “practical” precision rifle competitions (PRS) throughout North America and Europe since 2016. He is experienced in most styles of shooting that fall under the umbrella of "practical precision rifle”. His broad base of knowledge and experience in PRS shooting contribute to his students’ success in mastering the fundamentals of precision shooting.


Building on the fundamentals, students will develop skills to engage targets from unconventional and field expedient positions.

This training program consist of:

Class 1 - Brief overview of rifle fundamentals. Confirm zeroing at 100 yard, collecting muzzle velocity data, building a ballistic profile for the rifle and verifying/confirming Data From Previous Engagement (DOPE) out to 470 yard, and building a range card


Class 2 - Engaging medium distance targets (out to 625 yard, depending on the capability of your rifle/optic), positional shooting, and intro to high angle shooting


A modern carbine is capable of reaching targets at ranges of over 500m in the hand of a competent shooter. This training will help our participants learn the fundamentals of precision shooting and develop their skillset in order to be able to engage targets up to 600 meters using their carbines equipped with an LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic, 1-6/8/10x), or MPVO (Medium Power Variable Optic, 2-10, 3-12x etc).

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